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"Nail clippers are a common grooming tool found in most households. Unfortunately, nail clippers easily become dull through normal use. After the blades have dulled, they can crush nails rather than cut them. Instead of purchasing a replacement pair, sharpen your nail clippers at home. Sharpening can be done quickly and spares you the expense of purchasing a new set.

Step 1

Rotate the actuating lever of the nail clippers 90 degrees, until it no longer sits on top of the two pieces that make up the jaws of the clippers. Squeeze the jaws together tightly using your fingers or a set of pliers. Hold the clippers on a horizontal plane. The pin holding the actuating lever should fall away from the clippers, allowing you to easily remove the actuating lever.

Step 2

Insert a screw into the hole that the actuating lever has fallen from. Tighten the screw with a nut until the two jaws of the clippers are touching or nearly touching. If you're using pliers, remove them from the clippers at this time.

Step 3

Hold the sharpening stone, or a handheld rotary tool equipped with an aluminum oxide grinding stone accessory against the edge of the jaws of the nail clippers. Move the sharpening stone across the surface of the jaws until all nicks, scratches and dents have been removed from the metal surface.

Step 4

Remove the nut and screw from the clippers. Reinsert the pin that held the actuating lever. Squeeze the jaws together using the pliers or your fingers, and reattach the actuating lever.

Step 5

Wash any filings away from the nail clippers by rinsing them under running water. "

"Do it Yourself: Sharpening Nail Clippers". BUSSE, Melissa. 2011

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