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Ma cosa facciamo con le unghie tagliate?

"Fingernail recycling. The very topic may be unseemly to some, understandably enough. I can see how the very thought of collecting your old grungy fingernails could be off-putting to even the most ardent environmentalist. But it's just like any other natural body byproduct, really?just a little heavier on the keratin. And they need to be recycled too. So I say it's time to forge a bold new frontier?and we start reusing our fingernail clippings.

Here are the best ways to reuse your fingernail clippings:

1. Nail your compost pile: 

Alla fine, il corpo umano ha tantissimi nutrienti per la terra,
le unghie sono una fonte dei minerali per le piante. 

Believe it or not, fingernail clippings are entirely compostable. Just make sure your nails are polish-free, and you can throw your protein-rich nail clippings right on into your compost pile. Probably the easiest way to reuse your clippings, most of us should be able to stomach carrying out.

2. Use nail clippings to make a pot scrubber:

Per essere solide, ma non troppo, le unghie fanno un eccellente pulitore 
per i piati e pentole.

Run out of steel wool, but still have pots and pans encrusted with impossibly hardened food bits? No matter—create your own pot scrubber by collecting your fingernail clips and emptying them into the foot of some discarded pantyhose. Tie it off, and Voila! An instant, free, only mildly repulsive pot scrubber is yours.

3. Turn them into fine art: 

Do as Tim Hawkinson did and create avante garde sculptures with your fingernail clippings. You never know, your body-byproduct art might land you with an opening at the Whitney—Hawkinson's bird skeleton and egg pieces made entirely out of fingernails did.
If all else fails, you can always send them to this one guy, who's, let's say, atypical hobby has gathered him fingernail clippings from 4,200 different people."

"3 Reuses for Fingernail Clippings?". MERCHANT, Bryan. 10 Gennaio 2012.

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