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La Collezione

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Tagliaunghie classico tipo TWEEZERMAN
Acciaio inoxidable
Lung7.3-13cm, Larg1.2cm, Alt. .8-.3cm
45-70 gr

Tagliaunghie di leva

"Lever-action nail clippers are the most common type used today. The folding lever makes the clippers compact and easy to store. Lever-action nail clippers use a multiplying force across the cutting head, trimming tremendously hard nails with minimal exertion. Lever-action cutting heads may be concave, straight or convex, each with its own purpose. Properly used, concave clippers are for fingernails, straight are for acrylic nail tips and convex are intended for trimming toenails."

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Tagliaunghie di ghigliottina di salone
Acciaio inoxidable e plastica
Lung. 17.3cm, Larg. 12.1cm, Alt. 2cm

Tagliaunghie di ghigliottina

"Guillotine style nail clippers provide a quick, safe and easy way to trim fingernails, especially acrylic nails. The sharp blades cut through the hardest of fingernails and are commonly used in trimming pet nails. The guillotine clipper handle offers a more ergonomic grip to reduce hand fatigue. This type of nail clipper consists of a round hole inserted over the nail and, when the handle is squeezed, a blade that slices across the nail."

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Tagliaunghie di pinze tipo TWEEZERMAN
Acciaio inoxidable
Lung 13-15cm, Larg2-8cm, Alt. .8-1cm
70 gr

Tagliaunghie di pinze
"Pliers type nail clippers have two blades, each attached to its own handle. The handles are hinged to one another at the center, allowing blades to cut from both sides in a single clip. The most commonly used pliers style nail clippers used in manicuring are cuticle nippers, which push back and trim the cuticle from the nail."

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Tagliaunghie di forbici tipo TWEEZERMAN
Acciaio inoxidable, plastica o investidura di stagno (stagnato)
Lung 8.7cm, Larg.7-5.8cm, Alt. .4cm
10 gr

Tagliaunghie di forbici
"Scissor nail clippers resemble scissors, as the name implies. They possess two straight blades and two hinged finger holes at the handle ends. Used like regular cutting scissors, the clipper blades close over the nail and are pressed together to cut the nail."

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Tagliaunghie di sicurezza per animali
Acciaio inoxidable, plastica o materiale sintetico nel manico 
Lung 19.7cm, Larg 3-10cm, Alt. 2.6cm
320 gr

Tagliaunghie per animali
Variabile rinforzata del tagliaunghie di pinze disegnato per animali grandi.

Variazioni nel mercato

Tagliaunghie ad una mano

Variabile in disegno, tagliaunghie classico leggermente modificato per adattarsi a una base di legno. 

Esempio di Tagliaunghie Kitsch
Variabile in disegno, tagliaunghie in forma cambiata per diverse occasioni, vendita tipo souvenir. 

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