lunedì 7 gennaio 2013

Gli animali: parte 2

"Just like human nails, dog's nails grow constantly. How often a dog’s nails need to be cut will depend on the dog’s breed and also lifestyle, which can change with age.

Many dogs naturally wear their nails down by walking and play, especially if the walk involves hard surfaces. An inactive dog may not wear their nails down. Similarly an older dog will often favour grass and softer ground and will prefer not to walk on hard surfaces, so their nails will not naturally wear down as much either.

It is therefore important to keep your dog’s nails well trimmed at the correct length. If a dog’s nails get too long it can put pain and pressure on the dog’s toes and paws, which will ultimately put strain on their legs. Long claws are also prone to splitting and infection. [...]"

Leggi l'articolo intero: "When and How to Cut Your Dog's Nails"

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